The Winter’s Tale

The Winter’s Tale

Автор: Shakespeare William


The Winter’s Tale is one of Shakespeare’s most varied, theatrically self-conscious, and emotionally wide-ranging plays. This edition provides a newly edited text, a comprehensive introduction that takes into account current critical thinking, and a detailed commentary on the play’s language designed to make it easily accessible to contemporary readers. Much of the play’s copiousness inheres in its generic intermingling of tragedy, comedy, romance, pastoral, and the history play. In addition to dates and sources, the introduction attends to iterative patterns, the nature and cause of Leontes’ jealousy, the staging and meaning of the bear episode, and the thematic and structural implications of the figure of Time. Special attention is paid to the ending and its tempered happiness. Performance history is integrated throughout the introduction and commentary. Textual analysis, four appendices — including the theatrical practice of doubling, and a select chronology of performance history — and a reading list complete the edition.

Издатель: Cambridge University Press

Год: 2007

Серия: The New Cambridge Shakespeare


Страниц: 308

Возрастные ограничения:

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The Winter's Tale

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