Market Leader: Advanced Coursebook (+ CD-ROM)

Market Leader: Advanced Coursebook (+ CD-ROM)

Автор: Dubicka Iwona


From the world’s most informed business sources… a new language course for tomorrow’s business leaders.
Following on from «Market Leader Upper Intermediate, Market Leader Advanced» is part of a distinctive, five-level business English course. Drawing on the extensive media assets of the Financial Times and other sources, the course offers a highly authoritative and flexible range of materials for business English learners worldwide. Essential business content and skills:
— Critical business issues of our time: topics include training, public/private partnerships, consultants, strategy and project management.
— Case studies in each Course Book unit for real practice of key business skills.
Choice and Flexibility:
— The wide range of components support teachers and offer choice and flexibility.
— Teacher’s Resource Book, Practice File, Test File, audio CDs/cassettes.
— Videos and DVDs for many levels featuring interviews with business professionals as well as dramas and documentaries.
— Business Grammar and Usage book, plus specialist subject books on Business Law, Banking and Finance, and International Management.

Издатель: Pearson Education (Longman)

Год: 2006

Серия: Market Leader


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Market Leader: Advanced Coursebook (+ CD-ROM)

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