Challenges 4. Student’s Book

Challenges 4. Student’s Book

Автор: Anna Sikorzynska


General theme
In this level the theme of challenge is present in such topics as getting involved in voluntary work, the Olympic Games, overcoming a disadvantaged childhood (Waris Dirie), and saving energy – and indeed the planet!
In this level the characters set up their own online radio station. They have to find, prepare and broadcast local news, and report on local events. At the same time, they meet the challenge of investigating and solving a local environmental problem.
Coursebook structure
The level is divided into ten core modules. At the end of the book there is a magazine section (Time Out!) and a word bank organised by lexical features (multi-part verbs, prefixes, suffixes, compounds, etc.). Students can use this section to do activities in the coursebook and as a reference to revise and increase their own vocabulary (see table of contents enclosed).

Издатель: Pearson Education (Longman)

Год: 2007

Серия: Challenges


Страниц: 128

Возрастные ограничения:

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Challenges 4. Student's Book

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